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A fabric adult mask  to shield against allergies / dust / pets dander / up to 50 % barrier in place against air borne viruses.
Easy to breathe - Double layer



Normal Mask - £8.50

Wired up nose - £10.50

Children's Mask- £8.50   

If you want a children's mask - please put through as a normal adult mask, and send an email saying you want children's and amount.

 (website was not easy to show this option)

NO WIRE for safety issues. Age 6-10 child will stretch 10-12 cm , same style.


Fabrics Available  

Amazing unicorn Fabric the colours are just unreal!
The awesome DC superhero fabric print in red.

Floral Bee

Cosmic blue cats 

Multi grey cats 

Candy skull Halloween mask 

Starry Night 


Shipping options- There is a mask shipping option at cart so you pay less postage .


We ship worldwide - I am classed as best seller on my Etsy site and you can see reviews on instagram - @Fayenique. I am a trusted seller. Or go on Fayenique Reviews Facebook .



White elastic / or black on ends with the fabric. 

DC comic might have red elastic if in.
Limited with supplies coming in.
Soft elastic strips, against the face.


Any questions get in touch .

Fabric masks comfortable to wear for  a few hours 
Can be washed ( would recommend a high wash to kill all bugs , let it dry fully before using again .
Filters out 0.2 micron particles similar in size to the Coronavirus. 

Stay safe everyone ❤️

Try to ship straight away within 2-5 days but maybe a overlap on orders .  

I have been sewing for NHS - Try and help them best I can too.
Post office trip twice a week .( still faster than Amazon ) 
U.K. made but will ship abroad if you get in touch.


Safety Advice
Do not touch your face when the mask is on, always take it off by the elastic ears.
When you go outside try to stand 2 M away from others at all times.

This fabric mask is perfect for an extra barrier outside with up to 50 % filtration with 100% cotton.
You can wear over  your own medical mask.

Handmade ❤️
No returns on the masks for sanitary reasons please . They are reusable to help save the Earth 🌏

Bestseller Face Masks,Reusable, Eco friendly.

  • Handmade ❤️
    No returns on the masks for sanitary reasons please . They are reusable to help save the Earth 🌏

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